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inRound uses a highly participative and inclusive approach to developing and validating the output of our consultant work activities.

To properly assess, recommend, design and implement, inRound uses a proven technique to ensure our consultants “cover all bases”. Specifically, inRound always proposes that the consultancy work be comprised of:
  • A baseline/document review phase;

  • Initial interviews with key stakeholders as identified by the client and inRound consultant) to identify needs and constraints, business/project issues and potential solutions;
  • A research and analysis phase, where the inRound consultant can research for best practices and draw upon inRound’s expertise to develop the most appropriate and customized draft solutions (processes, tools) ;

  • A draft reporting phase, where the inRound consultant will present various stages of the draft report to the client for preliminary validation of recommendations and designs;

  • Validation phase composed of formal and informal work sessions with the client, a subset of the client’s account team members and other key stakeholders;

  • A final revision of reports, design completion and presentation phase;

  • Request for approvals/ sign off from the client;

  • Identify next steps and develop roadmap;

  • Plan & Implement.

Plan, Design, Implement, Manage (PDIM) Approach

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