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inRound’s guiding principle of “balanced operational excellence”, strives to balance the expectations of your clients versus employees versus partners versus shareholders. So as an example, while it is extremely important that you exceed the expectations of each stakeholder group, it is not done at the detriment of another group.

We’ve grown our business by differentiating our approach to designing solutions for our customers. Unlike many companies that focus their solutions on people, process or tools, inRound’s philosophy is, when designing any solutions, 50 percent of the effort should be focused on people, 30 percent on the actual process and 20 percent on the tools – in that order. inRound helps companies identify and give proper attention to the people requirements (functional roles as well as qualified talent), the process in which they need to follow and then drive automation through the use of our tools.


Best practices areas and capabilities

People — Workforce Management

  • Resources- capacity analysis
  • Forecasting and Staffing requirements
  • Roster building and Shift Changes
  • Adherence reporting
  • Skills inventory database
  • Vacation Planning
  • Training


  • Policies and Procedures
  • Contact and Incident Management
  • Commitment Management
  • Escalation -- 2nd/3rd level
  • Customer Relations Escalation
  • Project Management
  • On-Boarding new clients
  • Training Design
  • Process Maps

Support Tools

  • Knowledgebase build and design
  • Contact Management Systems
  • Commitment Management System
  • Workforce Management System
  • Dashboards—Balanced Scorecards
  • Learning Management Systems –eLearning