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Integration / Consolidation Solutions and Roadmaps

inRound Innovations has a proven methodology and approach to integrate / consolidate service desks in large enterprises. We work directly with all stakeholders to determine the vision and strategy to meet the expectations of your clients and end-users. Our Service Desk experts provide the guidance and direction to leverage existing investments by bridging processes and tools, identifying opportunities for standardizing and optimizing to help your organization to realize the true advantages of consolidating.

What is Integration/Consolidation?

Integration is the means of combining Service Desk parts so that they work together or form a whole entity.

  • Merging multiple desks
  • Collapsing numerous desks into one
  • Connecting multiple desks into a virtual desk
  • Centralization – one desk one location

We work with key stakeholders to:

  1. Prioritize core Service Desk operational needs
  2. Endeavour to understand the business’s vision for future state Service Desk.
  3. Provide a high level assessment and review of current help desk operations, policy and procedures to leverage existing value.
  4. Define a future state Service Desk model and Key performance indicators which are within a best practice framework, capable of supporting the departmental population at a near best-in-class level.
  5. Identify and define best practice solutions that fit available departmental time constraints, budgetary and practical requirements while leveraging existing investments.