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Organizational Design & Support Models

Most Service Desks and end-user support functions have a limited ability to scale support resources to the appropriate levels to support high or low volume demand times or manage an influx of new end-users. Many organizations have multiple disparate service desk operations and end-user support functions that operate independently of each other. Amalgamating and realigning these disparate service desks and end-user support services from the current functional areas into an improved consolidated model will allow the IT organization to leverage its resources and efforts to meet all service demands.

inRound will engage your key leadership stakeholders to gain acceptance and buy-in to an approach for the development of a Concept of Organization. Specifically, the approach will evaluate existing support functions and make recommendations for realignment under a new organization model. This Concept of Organization will provide the framework that is scalable (economies of scale) to meet the future service demands (critical mass) of clients and their end-users.

Once these roles have been realigned, the Service Desk operational support processes along with other end-user support processes and activities can then be standardized and more effectively managed from an overall perspective.

Realigning current Service Desk functions and other end-user support functions into the new organizational structure will leverage existing expertise and transition the focus from disparate service delivery teams to the integrated service delivery model.

There will be increased efficiencies in service desk service delivery and Service Desk operational reporting due to the consolidation of operational support functions under a fully leveraged support model.

Once senior management has approved the Concept of Organization, a high-level implementation road map and associated detailed implementation plan will be developed and executed. One of the guiding principles that must be adhered to during the transition period is that existing operations and the delivery of support services must not be disrupted at any time.